Philips Hue outdoor lights: the retailers who still have stock

Light up your garden this summer by grabbing Philips Hue garden lights while you can

Philips Hue outdoor lights garden
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Philips Hue smart lights are a great way to upgrade how your home looks and feels, with white and colour smart bulbs letting you customise everything about your lighting setup.

Philips Hue smart bulbs are the best in the business (T3 knows as in our Philips Hue review we gave it a maximum score of 5 stars) and, as you would expect, demand for its smart lighting products has skyrocketed over the past month.

And with many people now finding themselves spending prolonged periods at home, and with summer rapidly approaching, Philips Hue's selection of outdoor and garden lights is particularly in demand.

As such, T3 has hunted out the retailers in the UK that not only still have stock of the Philips Hue outdoor lighting range, but have a series of great prices and deals on offer, too.

Simply click a retailer link to browse their selections, or browse the best outdoor and indoor smart lighting deals as curated by T3.

Philips Hue outdoor lights: notable in stock deals

| Now: £120.00 | Available now

Philips Hue LED Smart Garden Wall Light | Was: £139.99 | Now: £120.00 | Available now
The white and colour garden wall light from Philips Hue is perfect for lighting up outdoor eating areas, as well as patios and recreation areas in general. £20 is currently cut off the product at Amazon, with free delivery included.

| Now: £224.00 | Available now

Philips Hue Lily 3X Spotlight Base Unit | Was: £274.99 | Now: £224.00 | Available now
For those looking to add a great dose of colour to their gardens, the up-lighting Philips Hue Lily smart lights are a perfect match. This pack includes three lights, and they can all be daisy-chained off one power cable. Now reduced by £50 at Amazon.

| Now: £50.99 | Available now

Philips Hue Tuar Smart Outdoor Wall Light | Was: £64.99 | Now: £50.99 | Available now
The Tuar lights from Philips Hue are incredibly versatile and work perfect on drive ways, garden paths, and near-home installations. The Tuar is now discounted by £14 at Amazon, and free delivery is included.

If you also like the idea of bringing smart lighting into your home this summer, as well as outside of it, then be sure to also check out Philips Hue's fantastic range of indoor smart lighting below. Remember, though, a Philips Hue Bridge is needed at the heart of any setup, so be sure to bag one first before adding in other lights.

And, for those who like the idea of having their indoor smart lighting sync with what is displayed on their TV, be sure to check out T3's Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box reveiw. This smart lighting system is a great way of adding extra immersion to your home cinema setup and comes recommended by T3. For even more information about the Hue smart lighting platform, then check out T3's Philips Hue review and guide.

Best Philips Hue smart light deals

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