Philips Hue just got a free Christmas upgrade that owners will love

Festive Philips Hue scenes for a cosy Christmas

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! And what better way to mark the occasion than an upcoming Philips Hue update, which brings a tidal wave of festive goodness straight to your living room with a selection of Christmas-themed lighting scenes.

That new particular update, version 4.10 of the Hue app, could roll out across the App Store and Google Play Store as early as next week, which means that the festive Hue scenes will arrive on the best iPhone and best Android phones in time for Christmas itself.

Hue rolls out the festive fun

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As reported by, users can look forward to a boost in the Hue light scenes gallery, including the addition of seven separate Christmas lighting scenes, as well as the ability to activate these as dynamic scenes in users' various rooms. Dynamic scenes are Hue's way of letting different lamps in a room shine contrasting, but well-aligned colors, plus a way to slow down color transitions that should help add some festive zing to the room's atmosphere. 

There's not much in the way of more detailed info at the moment, but if we had to guess we'd expect the festive lighting scenes to bring Xmas to life through a variety of Christmassy color montages, like reds, greens, and snow-white shimmers. With the update expected to land on iOS and Android early next week, you hopefully won't have to wait long to see what exactly the festive scenes involve.  

Spotify Integration

Hueblog reports that Philips is adding another new feature, as well: Spotify integration, which is now available for all users. With version 4.10 of the Hue app, "you will be able to adjust the general style of the light animation in interaction with Spotify playback. In addition to a classic mode, there is supposed to be a second option with “Pulse,” which will add a brand new sync experience. 

Again, although it's light on details, you can rest assured that the Philips Hue range is just about the best smart lights that money can buy, as well as having just won Best Smart Lighting at the T3 Awards 2021, once again. You're always in safe hands with Hue, so we look forward to seeing the festive lighting in full flow when the update rolls out next week.

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