OTTY January mattress sale takes up to 50% off (plus earn exclusive savings!)

Plus get an extra 5% off your order for a limited time!

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OTTY mattress, the makers of impressively cheap yet luxurious hybrid mattresses, is offering a stellar sale this month.

As part of their January Sale, OTTY is taking upwards of 50% off their best models – including the OTTY Hybrid Original mattress which T3 has the pleasure of trying out recently.

The month long sale, which ends January 31, gives shoppers looking to upgrade their old bed into something more modern a chance to do so at some of the best prices in some time. With savings of up to £450 on select mattresses, there hasn't been a better time to shop for a cheap new mattress on sale.

Even better, OTTY is offering an exclusive 5% extra off orders for a limited time. That means you can save up to a massive 55% off in some cases. While there are usually OTTY discount codes available throughout the month, this sale offers some of the best savings by far.

Check out OTTYs January Sale and save up to 55% off this month only

As one of the more affordable bed-in-a-box mattress brands, some may be wary about checking out OTTY mattresses. However, each of their beds offer an incredible level of support, featuring a mix of memory foam layers and pocket springs to deliver a firm yet comfortable bed for sleepers of all types.

Their most affordable option, the Hybrid AURA mattress, starts at just £274.99 for a single during their January Sale. Featuring up to 1,000 pocket springs at the core of the mattress to provide good back support. Layered with not only a high density foam layer for added support, the AURA also features a soft memory foam layer as well to provide additional comfort so that mattress is firm, but not too firm.

However, a better value overall has to be on the OTTY Pure+ Hybrid mattress. Their premium model, which usually goes for a whopping £999 for a single, is getting a massive 45% price cut during the sale. Starting at just £549 for a single and £714.99 for a double, it offers the most savings while providing quite possibly one of the best mattresses for the price.

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While T3 only had the chance to give the OTTY Hybrid Original a shot, we gave it an impressive 4 out of 5 stars for a few reasons. For the price, the OTTY offers mattresses that not only feel luxurious but are also actually quite supportive overall. It was, however, a bit on the firmer side overall but for some that may be more of a benefit rather than a detriment.

So if their standard flagship model is this good, it's a safe bet that their premium models are even better to go with. Especially since their upwards of 50% off right now.

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