OnePlus 13 to retain Hasselblad optics, it's claimed, but with an even bigger camera boost than expected

OnePlus's flagship phone is expected to get a 3x optical periscope zoom and triple 50MP sensors too

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Newly leaked specifications suggest that the OnePlus 13 will have three 50MP sensors and a periscope lens. However, the specs are from an engineering model, not a finished production model.

Last week we reported that the OnePlus 13 was expected to get a big camera boost with a trio of 50MP sensors. And now a new leak claims to have all the details. If the details are correct, it's a more interesting upgrade than previously believed. The triple sensors do appear to be coming, alongside improved sensors and a periscope lens. 

The details come via Weibo leaker DigitalChatStation (via 91mobiles), whose leaks have proved solid in the past. And according to this latest leak, the OnePlus 13 will be powered by Hasselblad optics once again but there will be some sensor changes, a new ultrawide camera and a periscope zoom too.

These details are from an engineering model rather than a production one, so they may not be the final specifications. However, they indicate that the OnePlus 13 cameras should be significantly better than the current model's already impressive setup.

OnePlus 13: key predictions

According to DigitalChatStation, the main camera retains the same 50MP LYT808 sensor as the OnePlus 12, not the LYT900 that we've seen in the Oppo Find X7 Ultra. The ultra wide angle camera is getting a 50MP Sony IMX882 sensor this time, and the same sensor will be attached to the 3x periscope lens rather thant he Sony LYT6000 we'd expected to see. We've seen the same sensor in mid-range models from other brands including Poco and Vivo so it's a surprising choice for OnePlus's flagship.

Other leaks have indicated that the OnePlus 13 will have a 6,000mAh battery with 100W fast charging but not wireless charging, presumably because the bigger battery needs the space; the phone is expected to have a newer model of Snapdragon than the OnePlus 12, with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 on the inside and 12GB or 16GB of RAM. Storage is expected to be 256GB. At least one rumour suggests that the display will be a 6.8-inch 2K LPTO display, and inevitably there are rumblings that the new phone will come with some AI features too. 

We're not expecting to see the OnePlus 13 for some time, however. It's expected to launch in China several months before it's available in other markets, and that Chinese launch isn't expected until December 2024.

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