O2's 5G SIM only deal with 20GB data is insanely good value

A big data package, free 5G and unlimited everything else for under £10? Have O2 gone mad?

O2 SIM only deal
(Image credit: O2)

SIM only deals are a great way to save money month after month, to the tune of hundreds of pounds per year. If you've got a handset you're happy with right now, buying SIM only rather than continually upgrading to the latest model phones can get you absurd amounts of data for less if you need it, or rock-bottom prices on your package if you don't.

Occasionally, those two aspects combine, allowing you to get an enormous data package extremely cheaply. For example, this great deal from Mobiles.co.uk on an O2 SIMcard allows you to get a big 20GB data package (more than enough for most smartphone users), unlimited minutes and texts and 5G access for as little as £8.00 per month. That's astonishingly good value. 

Check out the deal in full below: 

O2 SIM only deal | 20GB data, unlimited minutes and texts | was £20 | now £8 from Mobiles.co.uk

O2 SIM only deal | 20GB data, unlimited minutes and texts | was £20 | now £8 from Mobiles.co.uk
A simply stunning deal. For just £8 per month, you get free 5G access (assuming you've got a handset which can handle it), unlimited minutes and texts, a chunky 20GB data and access to O2's priority rewards scheme. Nice. 

The way in which you're able to save money on this great SIM-only deal is Mobiles.co.uk's nifty cashback scheme: which does mean that initially, you'll be paying full price each month. However, simply follow the instructions at checkout and send your invoice for the listed amount on months 4, 8, 10 and 12 to save £144 on the total annual cost of your plan.

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