Nothing's next product unlikely to be Phone (3) but will still be exciting

Nothing has teased a mystery device, but what is it?

Nothing playdate
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Nothing is teasing the launch of a new product, although it's unlikely to be the Nothing Phone (3) that was previously rumoured.

Instead, we expect it'll be the Nothing Ear (3) – a new version of its affordable but tech-packed ANC earbuds.

Nothing has announced a date for its next community update, where it will debut a new device. 

In typically enigmatic form, though, we don't know exactly what product it's going to show off, and so far it's playing things pretty coy on that front.

The teaser image for the event, on Nothing's site, features a rhinoceros beetle and a bright yellow tree frog, which has unsurprisingly started off a chain of speculation about what it could all mean.

Since Nothing has kept to a very limited colour palette with only tiny splashes of red, could this mean that we're about to see yellow enter the chat? The use of the words "play date" and that yellow colour have also called to mind a kooky little gaming handheld of the same name that is fairly unlikely to be relevant in any way. 

Either way, the most common rumour is that this event won't be for the replacement of its flagship handset – so don't expect the Nothing Phone (3) – but we could instead be getting a look its Nothing Ear (3) buds.

That's actually something the image comes close to confirming, too – the same beetle was used in teaser images ahead of the Nothing Ear (2) being unveiled, so there's some clear continuity here. 

These earbuds will be hoping to continue the relatively new tradition of Nothing dropping incredibly reasonably-priced audio products that nonetheless pack in some premium features like active noise-cancelling

What exactly they'll change compared to the Nothing Ear (2) is anyone's guess at this stage, too. 

While the design of its earbuds hasn't changed much in the previous two generations, there are always improvements to be had on sound quality and battery life in the world of earbuds, so both of those areas could be focussed on. 

We may have to wait until 18 April to find out more, though, and we'd expect to learn about a more precise time pretty soon, too. 

In fact, if it follows the playbook it's been using for the last few years with decent success, Nothing is quite likely to leak a decent amount about the earbuds before the event kicks off. 

This could include a look at their design, but it's unlikely to go into details on specs and pricing until the community update airs. 

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