Nothing teases an all-new product for the CMF brand

What could it be?

Nothing teaser
(Image credit: Nothing)

Nothing is no stranger to a good teaser - Carl Pei's brand has been letting people have glimpses of its products well before they launch for some time now. 

Its latest is one of the most ambiguous yet, though, this time coming from its sub-brand CMF by Nothing.

So far, the CMF lineup has only put out a few devices, most notably a mega-affordable smartwatch that has impressed people with its value, but it looks like we're about to get the next in the lineup. 

What's less certain is exactly what we're actually looking at - the post doesn't give us much to work on, and that image isn't exactly definitive. 

Speculation has started spinning up about what it could be showing, with two main theories bouncing around.

One is that this is a neckband-style set of headphones, designed to sit around your neck like a chunky necklace and pipe sound upward without anything sitting on your ears.

The other is that this is a selective view of a full set of over-ear headphones, whether that's from the side, the top, or with other bits of the device cut off. 

Given that certification details for something called the Nothing Neckband Pro were spotted by 91mobiles earlier this month, that has to be the device that takes pole position. 

This would suggest that the image shows the part of the neckband that hangs down the side of your neck, and it looks like it houses at least one button.

That circular part of the design could be some sort of hinge to allow it to adjust to your body, but it could also be some sort of scrolling control wheel - we'll have to wait until an actual unveiling to know. 

The device should also be really affordable since that has been the central idea of the CMF devices launched so far, and it'll be interesting to see what price that actually means in this case. 

Either way, fans of Nothing's ethos and design sensibilities look like they're going to get another dose of new product very soon - we'd recommend that you keep an eye on CMF by Nothing's X (or Twitter) feed to find out what at the earliest opportunity. 

Max Freeman-Mills

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