All-new Nintendo Switch controller signals triumphant return of THIS fan favourite

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Nintendo Switch SNES controller
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It looks like Nintendo Switch fans have just got the news they were holding out for — Super Nintendo titles are incoming to Nintendo Online's virtual library of titles. And better yet, Nintendo has built an official Switch-compatible SNES controller to play them, too.

Well, that's if the discovery of Restera user Link83 proves accurate, with the eagle eyed gamer spotting the unannounced Nintendo Switch controller in an official new FCC filing, a document that shows the rear of a SNES pad but with the distinctive "HAC" model number that is used to refer to Switch products.

And, as Nintendo Switch fans will be well aware of, when Nintendo released an official NES controller for Nintendo Switch in December last year it also started adding classic NES games to Nintendo Online's virtual library of titles.

Based of this new evidence from the FCC, it therefor seems like Nintendo is about to repeat the same pattern in 2019, with a new official SNES controller for Switch hitting store shelves along with classic SNES games this holiday season.

Nintendo Switch SNES controller

The FCC filing illustration showing a SNES-shaped game pad but with a Nintendo Switch model number.

(Image credit: Nintendo \ FCC)

And, with no NES Classic Mini or SNES Classic Mini to call on this year to help bolster peak trading period sales, it would be a smart move for Nintendo to release this SNES controller and games double whammy. Original Nintendo Switch owners would be well served and, at least from a software point of view, so would any gamer who picks up the new Nintendo Switch Lite.

Here at T3, we think any new way to play classic retro Nintendo games such as Super Mario World should be celebrated, and while existing SNES design game pads already exist (thanks 8BitDo), providing this new pad is well-priced it would no doubt be hard for any fan of the Big N from back in the day not to pick one up so playing the games would feel super authentic.

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