Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals are in stock now at Amazon!

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday deals are now available at Amazon

Nintendo Switch deals Amazon Prime Day
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Amazon Black Friday deals have now begun, and among them right now are a suite of Nintendo Switch console and game bundles.

These bundles are on both the full-fat Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, and offer up to £25 off the price by combining hardware and software togethers.

What is particularly great about these best Black Friday deals is that the hardware and software are top-rate, with things like a special edition Fortnite Nintendo Switch on offer.

There's even some Nintendo Switch Lite bundles that include the console in a choice of colourway along with three games to play, as well as various packages with The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt thrown in.

We think many of these packages are perfect as Christmas gifts, and considering how out of stock both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite have been in 2020, seeing all these available options is a present buyer's dream scenario in our mind.

You can check out the all bundle deals by following the link above, or scroll down for a small sample selection.

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Special Edition | £279 at Amazon
The Nintendo Switch gets a fantastic Fortnite overhaul here with a unique dock design and Joy-Con colourway on offer. It also has Fortnite the game included, along with its Wildcat Bundle and 2,000 V-Bucks to spend in game. In stock now and with free delivery included. Just a great price on a special edition console and very popular game.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise + Sports Party + Rayman Legends  + Monopoly | £229 at Amazon
The most-wanted Nintendo Switch Lite colourway along with three fun games makes this a strong bundle offer. Buy these separately and it costs you an extra £10.98. As with the other deals here, delivery is fast and totally free. A great bundle for a younger gamer.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Grey + The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt | £315 at Amazon
The more mature grey Nintendo Switch console alongside one of the very finest RPGs ever made makes this a great Amazon Black Friday deal. There is literally months of top gameplay on offer here, which can be either enjoyed at home or on the road.  This bundle has been discounted by £12.76 and comes with free delivery.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Neon + Just Dance 2020 | £299 at Amazon
For those who like to get up and shake their booty then the Just Dance series of video games is idea. And here, in the 2020 version, you get to dance along to 40 chart-topping tracks. The game is included alongside the Neon colourway Nintendo Switch console for £10 less than buying separately.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow + The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt | £235 at Amazon
Fancy playing the awesomeness of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt but  would prefer a Nintendo Switch Lite console? Then this is the Amazon Black Friday bundle for you, as you get the natty yellow colourway system along with the game for just £235 – that's £11.77 less than buying them separately.View Deal

More great Nintendo Switch bundle deals

Want to compare these Amazon deals to the best on the market today? Then check out the below bundle deal charts, which show the very latest and best Nintendo Switch and game packages available.

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