Nintendo Switch 2 could bring back classic franchise

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The Nintendo Switch 2 seems inevitable at this point. A successor to Nintendo's seven-year-old console is surely coming this year, We've even had reports of developers well underway working on games for the console. It looks like one of those projects is the revival of a classic Nintendo franchise that has been dormant for too long.

Starfox is a series that has been going for over 30 years now, but the last instalment was way back in 2016 (Star Fox Zero) and aside from the Smash Bros. series and re-releases of old titles, Fox and his friends haven't been seen on Switch at all. 

According to tipster Zippo, the game will be the first in the series developed by Nintendo itself since 1997 with online multiplayer set to be a big feature. As for when we could expect it, apparently, the answer is "within the next 12 months" with the game set to come to Nintendo's next console but also apparently could be a cross-gen release. 

StarFox Zero

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The evidence for this news? A patent was recently spotted in Brazil for StarFox and an entirely new trademark being created for the series, not the renewal of an old one. Those who have always dreamed of telling Slippy to shut up with full ray-tracing support might finally be about to have their prayers answered. 

Personally, I think this points to a Switch 2 release earlier in the year rather than later. Why? Well, I don't see StarFox as a series with enough name recognition to be Nintendo's big Switch 2 launch title. Something big (probably Mario or Zelda-shaped) is surely in the works for the console's debut right? Especially if the rumours of a price hike prove to be true

If you're unfamiliar with the StarFox franchise then the best place to start would be Starfox 64 which is was remade on the 3DS.

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