Nintendo Switch 2 could be as powerful as PS5

A pocket-sized PS5? Yes, please

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There's no debate that the Nintendo Switch has been an incredible success, but the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder surely has to be the console's swansong. It has been showing its age compared to the Xbox Series X and PS5 for a few years now and talk of a Nintendo Switch 2 has been going on for just as long.

 A new rumour has appeared via renowned tipster I'm A Hero Too on Reddit that publisher Square Enix has managed to get the Final Fantasy VII Remake to the point where it "looks and runs like a PS5 game on Switch 2 devkit". That's a definite step up from the performance specs of the current Switch, which missed out on the title altogether. Playing something like Overwatch 2 or Apex Legends on Switch, definitely shows it to be lagging behind its counterparts when it comes to raw power. 

If the successor to the Switch does have PS5 level power then It could become the console of choice for millions. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are functionally very traditional consoles whereas the ability of the Switch to function as both a handheld and home console sets it apart. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake review

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Of course, there is also talk about the PS5 receiving a Pro model, but this would still make the Switch 2 the most powerful Nintendo machine ever. Maybe we'll finally get a high enough resolution to get a look at the stitching on Mario's dungarees.

The same insider also detailed a bit more on what features we could expect from the Switch 2. Those with a chunky collection of Switch games will be pleased to know that they expect backwards compatibility to be included as well as a brand-new "camera feature".

As for when we could see Nintendo's next console, there was no information, but speculation elsewhere has suggested it will at least not be until mid-2024. 

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