Final Fantasy 7 Remake review of deals: grab the soulful, classy retelling for cheap

Final Fantasy VII Remake is out now, and it is a must-play for Sony PlayStation 4 gamers

Final Fantasy VII Remake review
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Welcome to T3's Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Final Fantasy VII Remake) review of deals. T3 has been playing the the new game for the past week and, as backed up by stonking review scores landing from reviewers around the world, it is really something very special — a faithful retelling of one of gaming's most beloved JRPGs.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes what is roughly 6-8 hour section of the original Final Fantasy 7 game and expands it out through additional story and content into a full-blown new title that runs for 40 hours. And, by doing this, its developer Square Enix breathes new life into a well-trodden story and takes its characters to new levels in terms of depth and relatability.

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It is arguably this elevation of the Final Fantasy 7 story and characters that makes Remake such a must-play for Sony PlayStation 4 gamers (and especially on PS4 Pro, where the game looks jaw-droppingly beautiful), as while the original game was well received, it did have some failings and, well, gaming and storytelling has moved on markedly since the original game hit store shelves in 1997.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is very much a retelling for the modern age and, for older gamers who were around and played the original all those years ago, it acts as a perfect way to relive those days but with more refined, accessible gameplay mechanics and, best of all, a more mature and well-paced narrative. The game takes its time to tell its story and explore its characters and their motivations, and that feels very refreshing.

That ability to once more get up close and personal with Barrat, Tifa, Aerith and, yes, even Wedge can't help but appeal to anyone who played the original game, while for new players who aren't yet familiar with VII or Final Fantasy in general, then Remake is basically the perfect introduction to the series.

We really rate Final Fantasy 7 Remake here at T3 and can't recommend it highly enough. For those interested in stepping into the shoes of Cloud Strife, here therefore is T3's Final Fantasy VII Remake review of deals. Our deal hunting tech logs the very cheapest prices from every retailer of note to see who has a product for the least money, making it easy and fast to land the deal that is perfect for you.

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