Footloose and frost-free: Nike and Hyperice team up for ultimate athletic recovery

Heat and chill on-demand with Nike and Hyperice's new athlete innovations

Nike and Hyperice team up to warm up and cool down in style
(Image credit: Hyperice/Nike)

In a groundbreaking partnership that promises to put the "cool" in cooling down and the "hot" in warming up, sports giant Nike and recovery specialist Hyperice have unveiled their latest innovations in wearable technology.

The Nike x Hyperice boot is a high-top shoe that's not just about making a fashion statement: it offers on-demand heat and dynamic air compression massage for athletes’ feet and ankles.

Think of it as a personal masseuse for your lower extremities, ready to serve at the push of a button. With dual-air Normatec bladders (see also: Hyperice Normatec 3 Legs review) and warming elements, this boot drives heat deep into muscles and tissues, ensuring that every step feels like a warm hug.

Athletes can sync both shoes or control them individually, choosing from three levels of compression and heat powered by a battery pack in each insole. It's the ultimate in foot pampering – the only thing missing is a tiny butler to slip them on for you.

On the other hand, the Nike x Hyperice vest is an instant heating and cooling marvel that makes traditional ice packs and heat pads look like relics of the Stone Age. It leverages thermoelectric coolers to provide instant temperature adjustments, all without the need for ice or liquid.

Equipped with thermal modules and sensors, the vest monitors and maintains your body temperature autonomously. Athletes can now dial in their perfect temperature, whether they're warming up for a big game or cooling down after an intense workout.

Footballer Ada Hegerberg emphasised the importance of foot care, saying, “These new boots are a game changer for many athletes.” Marathon legend Eliud Kipchoge highlighted the lightness and recovery benefits, noting how the boots made his legs feel ready for anything. Golfer Tom Kim added, “I’m so much lighter on my feet after wearing the Nike x Hyperice boot in the morning.”

“The footwear and vest we’ve developed with Hyperice help get the body ready for activity, whether you’re playing for a title or you’re on your feet a lot at work,” Tobie Hatfield, Senior Director of Nike Athlete Innovation, stated. Hyperice founder Anthony Katz mirrored this sentiment, calling the collaboration "the culmination of years of work" aimed at enhancing athlete performance and recovery.

With the release of these products on the horizon, athletes everywhere are poised to step up their game – and cool down in style. Nike and Hyperice have truly raised the bar, or should we say, "kicked it up a notch." 

The catch? Neither are consumer products; they are designed for athletes who will use them at the Olympics and various sporting events throughout the year. For more information, visit Hyperice today.

Matt Kollat
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