News@8pm: The free Daily and the iPad 2

Plus: The mythical sub-£200 Nintendo 3DS

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Welcome to your nightly round-up of the day's news and goings on courtesy of

Friday's news boils into some distinct categories, so lets get down to it. First up: the internet. Scary headline of the day comes in the form of an IP address shortage. Apparently they've run out, and we're all doomed. Or something. Rupert Murdoch's got bigger problems to deal with though, as his new Daily iPad paper's been made available online for free. Meanwhile MySpace looks set to change hands. Lets hope that helps.


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Tablet news came to us in the form of the Optimus Pad, which reared its head just ahead of MWC. Samsung defended its Galaxy Tab after rumours that it'd suffered a huge 15 per cent return rate, while more iPad 2 rumours point to a release at the end of next week.

Nokia, 02 and Google took care of the mobile phone headlines today. Nokia's N9 was the victim of a nasty specs leak, while 02 confirmed that its long-researched Wallet payment system – which will use NFC tech – will be coming later this year. Google rounded off the mobile news with word that the next mobile iteration of Android – entitled Ice Cream – will be receiving some of the tricks up Honeycomb's sleeves.

Nintendo put the cherry on the news trifle when Sainsbury's posted the 3DS' price as under the mythical £200 mark. That's all for today. If you missed anything form the week, check out tomorrow's Tech Week post for the full skinny.