News@8pm: PlayStation Vita release date & GTA V leaks

Plus: Halo: Combat evolved to utilise Kinect and MacBook Air

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Sony PlayStationVita's UK release date has been leaked today asNovember 4th, ready for the Christmas present rush. According to online retailer, games are set to be priced around £40. Sony were quick to respond that its “just speculation.”

In gaming news, Microsoft has confirmed that its anniversary remake of Halo: Combat Evolved will include support for the Kinect motion-gaming peripheral.In other exciting news, GTA V is “well under way” its creator, Take-Two, has confirmed.

The HP Touchpad is nearing release as Carphone Warehouse has launch it pre-ordering for the device prior to its July release date.Apple has confirmed that itwas consideredbut thenthen dismissed plans to create a black-coat exterior update for the Macbook Airwith the fear of sweaty palms given as the reason for its pre-release culling.

Nokia has finally unveiled the N9. Coming in three colours the device has added industry-first features to its interface allowing users to swipe any screen away gain access to the home menu. In addition, Nokia has confirmed that its Symbian Anna software for the N8s, C7s, E7s and C6-01s will be available from August.