News@8pm: Modern Warfare 3 release and iPad 3 goes 3D

Plus: BlackBerry PlayBook review and iOS 5 details

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After months of speculation, T3 finally got it's hands on the BlackBerry PlayBook, a month before it lands in the UK. But is there enough in the offering to lure business customers away from the mighty iPad 2? Read T3's comprehensive review here and decide for yourself. We'd hardly had a chance to swipe across the screen before rumours started flying around about its successor. Apparently, a 10 inch product is in the offing before year end.


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It was another big day for fans of Call of Duty, with an official announcement coming about Modern Warfare 3, possibly in as soon as a week. Fans of the popular WipEout series are also anticipating news, with several factors pointing to new games on both the PS3 and NGP.

It wouldn't be a day of tech news if there wasn't a story or two about the iPhone 5. Today's rumour focuses around wireless syncing, with reports pointing to the next generation device utilising over the air downloads in a similar way to how Android devices update themselves. The rumour comes as Apple releases iOS 4.3.3, aimed at fixing bugs relating to location tracking, following a string of reports about the iPhone's ability to store a users' previous locations.

With many shops still out of stock following the release of the hugely popular iPad 2, talk of a third generation device is already rife across internet forums. And the latest morsel has certainly piqued our interest, with the iPad 3 possibly featuring a 3D screen. Excited? We certainly are. Elsewhere in iPad news The Daily, a newspaper specifically tailored to the device has posted $10 million first quarter losses following its official unveiling and release earlier this year. These losses join a $30 million expenditure the project incurred in developing the concept prior to launch and total a near $100,000 loss per each of the tablet publication's daily editions.