News@8pm: iPad 3 release as iPad HD and OS X Lion

Plus: Motorola Xoom news and two new iPhones this September

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There is a lot more Apple news today as it appears OS X Lion will be available to Mac users within the next seven days. New reports also suggest that semi-upgraded iPad due for release in September could be the 'iPad HD' and would sport a new high-quality 2048 x 1536p resolution panel. The conclusion of all this week's iPhone rumour-mongering is that Apple will launch two new iPhone handset in September, with one being aimed directly at the mid-range market. Not everything Apple touches is coming up roses though, as one developer Gus Pinto found out when his charger cable caught fire whilst upgrading his iPhone 4 to iOS 5.


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The release of two new patents seem to indicate that Appleis considering production of a stylus forits current generation devices, despite Steve Jobs' dismissal of the stylus last year. Following its decision to cut prices on the Xoom tablet in the US yesterday, Motorola has come bearing gifts for its UK customers as well. Anyone who has bought a Xoom since July can send proof of purchase to Motorola, who will be happy to send out a free Xoom-specific keyboard and mouse.

Take Two has registered the domains and, sparking rumours that films based on games such as Grand Theft Auto and Read Dead: Redemption could be on the cards.

F1 racing driver Mark Webber has spoken to T3 about the boundaries between motorsport and day-to-day driving, claiming that F1 is restricted by its responsibility to pioneer road car technology. Finally, the new football season is fast approaching, and Sky has announced that its Sky Go service will be available for iPhone and iPad users before the season kicks off in August.