News@8pm: iPad 2 release pre-Christmas and iOS 4.2 out

Plus: PlayStation Phone to hit in February and GT5 lands

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Apple iOS 4.2 is here. Expected to launch in November ever since Steve Jobs said it would back at the iPod unveiling in September, the latest iOS edition has been surrounded by expected and rumoured dates ever since. Today kicked off with a strong inside word as to iOS 4.2's imminent arrival which was shortly after confirmed by Apple as iOS 4.2 launched bring multitasking and folders to the iPad. What are you waiting for, go, download and install it now.


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Gran Turismo 5 launch day is still a couple of days off but that just means it is great news for a number of gamers who saw pre-ordered copies of GT5 landing on doormats today. With two extra days to get behind the wheel of GT5's 1,031 vehicles you might think they are at a gaming advantage but with GT5 first installs taking 50 minutes they might still be waiting to get off the line come Wednesday's official launch.

Apple iPad 2 rumours kicked into overdrive today as T3 exclusively revealed that a high-profile source close to a major service provider confirmed to us a new 3G Apple iPad would launch pre-Christmas with an integrated SIM card. The news came after it was revealed the iPhone 5 integrated SIM plans have been scrapped following a backlash from service providers. Keep your eyes peeled on T3 for the latest.

Upcoming playful tech has made headlines today as the Sony PlayStation Phone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet both hit the news with release date information. Whilst the Sony PlayStation Phone is to land in February at Mobile World Congress according to the Sony Ericsson boss, RIM's head honcho has said the BlackBerry PlayBook will hit the UK second quarter of 2011. Still a little time to wait yet then.