News@8pm: iPad 2 leaks and no 3D for Royal wedding

Plus: Gold iPhone 4 spotted and HTC Flyer tablet coming Q1

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Nokia's woes grow as the company's CEO announces the former phone giant is "standing on a burning platform". If this declaration of trouble wasn't enough to worry the folks behind the Finnish phone company, its planned salvation move to produce Windows Phone 7 handsets has be branded a joke by Google with a bitter Tweet ridiculing the move.


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Exciting Apple devices is a term you either love or hate, either way we have two doozies for you today. Following reports that the eagerly-awaited Apple iPad 2 has officially gone into production, images of Victoria Beckham sporting a £22,000 24-carat gold iPhone 4 were snapped with the shiny-hued device touting a wallpaper of her half naked football hero husband.

Religion splits decision and so do the two religion based tech stories we reported today. Following months of speculation it has been confirmed that the upcoming Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton will not be shot in 3D disappointing many. Elsewhere the Catholic Church has approved a confessional app for the iPhone... forgive me Apple for I have sinned.

Ahead of MWC a number of HTC devices have leaked with the Wildfire 2 appearing in an official video today. Other upcoming HTC product information appearing today has seen reports of the company's first tablet, the HTC Flyer, being rushed of the production line in order to meet a Q1 release following an MWC unveiling next week.