News@8pm: iPad 2 delays and HTC handsets leak

Plus: Apple App Store issues and iOS battery woes

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HTC leakier than Liza's bucket this week with specs and images of two of its upcoming flagship phones appearing at least a week before their announcement. While not much is known about the HTC Pyramid the size of the device suggests that its not going to be wanting for features and the blurry spy shots we've seen seem to display an attractive case design leaving us eager for more details. Meanwhile another clumsy HTC employee seems to have lost his spec sheet for the rumoured HTC EVO 3D. Glasses-free 3D, powerful internals and dual stereoscopic cameras on the back suggest this could be a game-changing device


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Apple faces criticism after its widely-touted closed-walled app store somehow let in an app that claims to cure homosexuality. Previously Apple's self-righteous policy has removed adult-themed and politically charged applications from the app store, the public have reacted in outcry at the latest slip in the cracks. Meanwhile one app developer that seems to be doing things right is Rovio, whose success has spurred them on to decide to float on the NYSE.We'll have to wait and see whether the plucky developer flies or falls.

iOS4.3 drains battery life as the introduction of Ping seems to cause power management woes. Users have experienced a return to the previous levels of power economy upondisabling the Ping service via the settings menu (video included). And with Czech and Japanese launch dates of the iPad 2 delayed it seems that Apple really can't catch a break lately. The earthquake in Japan is one of the reasons cited, causing low stock levels whilst high demand in America certainly hasn't helped the situation

Android Market rival, the Amazon Appstore will launch tomorrow after going live temporarily a few days ago. Android seems poised to undercut Google's own Market by selling some of the exact same apps for cheaper prices. Sony, on the other hand are not starting a pricing war but instead want to raise the bar of mobile gaming positioning its own Android store somewhere between hardcore and casual. Android users just got a lot more options when it comes to kitting out their phones.