News@8pm: iPad 2 confirms SD slot and Black Ops DLC

Plus: PSP Phone leaks and 3DS health concerns grow

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A leaked picture of a protective iPad 2 casehas all but confirmed what was suspected. It appears as though an SD card slot as well as a rear facing camera will be integrated into Apple's update to its revolutionary tablet. Elsewhere on the Apple front, the white iPhone 4 which was initially planned to go on sale alongside the black version of the latest iPhone incarnation release back in July now appears to be readying for release after appearing on the inventory list of Vodafone Germany.


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Having been beaten to pole position by FIFA 11 in recent weeks, Call of Duty: Black Ops has regained top spot in the UK gaming charts after relegating the football sim to second place. Following its chart topping push, the first CoD downloadable content pack (DCL) has been announced and will be available from February 1st on Xbox with PC and PS3 users having to wait a month extra.

The police have become the latest groupto make the most of the social medium Twitter, that's the law enforcers not Sting and friends with Community Officers in Tayside near Dundee, Scotland tweeting updates whilst on the beat for the next three months. Social networking colossus Facebook has landed itself in hot water with its users after it was discovered that the private details of users were to be made available to app developers. Facebook has since pulled the plug on its developer blog which was said to be the root of the issue.

Health concerns have been raised over the Nintendo 3DS after an eye expert recommended that children should not use the soon-to-be launched pocket-sized 3DS in fear of causing permanent damage to their eyes. The possibility of a PlayStation phone, however, has kept everyone's eyes peeled with rumours of sightings of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play spotted in China. Sony themselves are yet to comment on the leaked photos but the phone is expected to run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a 4-inch touchscreen and a 1Ghz processor.