News@8pm: iOS 4.2.1 unleashed and GT5 best price

Plus: Nokia admits Nokia N8 power fault

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Apple fanbois have plenty to get excited about as iOS 4.2.1 is unleashed to developers, suggesting that we are not too far away from the official launch (we hope) of the iPad-centric iOS 4.2 update. Talk of the iPad 2 continues to intensify as component suppliers prepare for February 2011 shipment as Apple ramps up production of the iPad successor.

Of course, before Apple brought us its 'revolutionary' device, Archos was already well versed in the tablet-making business, and has announced that the Archos 101 10-inch Android tablet is now on sale.


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In gaming news, the Call of Duty: Black Ops patch for PS3 and Xbox 360 was made available with the hope of fixing glitches that have since cropped up in the game just a week after it's record-breaking launch. With one big game launch seemingly after the next, Gran Turismo 5 is finally set to hit the shops next week, and we've got a Gran Turismo 5 price comparison to make sure you get the best deal.

Smartphone manufacturers from two different ends of the spectrum have bad news to report as Nokia admits that a number of its flagship device the Nokia N8, currently suffers from a power fault that either stops the device from turning on or turning off. It's also tough times for small Israeli firm Modu the manufacturer who brought us the world's lightest phone will have to lay off staff after struggling to attract customers with its handset that sports interchangeable 'jackets'. Hmm, I wonder why that didn't work...

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