News@8pm: Facebook adds Skype and iPad 3 release date

Plus: Apple App Store and BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900

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Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg announcedlast nightthat Skype is officially coming to the social networking site, allowing you to phone your friends through Facebook. In another long awaited event, Spotify has finally begun landing in the US, as anyone interested can sign up for the music streaming software to be at the head of the queue when it becomes available.


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UK network provider and retailer 3 Mobile has confirmed that it will be stocking the new Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 upon its September 15th launch. Meanwhile Orange has announced the arrival of two new budget Android-touting handsets, namely the Barcelona and the Stockholm.

Apple has confirmed that its App Store has recorded over 15 billion downloads, however the Cupertino tech firm was also informed that it has lost its legal battle to stop Amazon from using the term 'app store' for its own marketplace. One app of particular note today is Google's Transit Navigation, a journey planner that uses public transport to help you get to your destination in the quickest time possible.

The heavily rumoured iPad 3 will likely still be arriving this September, but it appears that it will instead be called the iPad 2 Plus. Analysts also expect that the iPad 2 Plus, much like the rumoured iPhone 5, will feature marginal updates on the current generation machines. Perhaps in preparation for imminent arrival of the next generation iPad, Motorola has slashed the price of its Xoom tablet in the US from $599 down to $499.

Finally, LG has teamed with Gameloft to deliver 17 new 3D games to the new LG Optimus 3D smartphone. This move will push the Optimus 3D into being a direct competitor with handheld games consoles such as Nintendo's 3DS. Sony meanwhile has made its PSN Pass official, which will result in consumers receiving exclusive content for buying games new.