News@8pm: Evo 3D heads to EU and iPad 2 jailbroken

Plus: iPhone 4 climbs charts and 3DS causes eye strain

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Nintendo suffered from bad press today with 3DS users complaining about eye-strain. Pre-launch warnings from health officials did nothing to stop many people picking a 3DS up on launch night but it hasn't taken long for the reports of headaches to start rolling in. Ninty did manage to solve one of their problems though, as they issued a system software update to fix that pesky black screen of death.


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Europe will get the HTC Evo 3D according to HTC's own French Twitter account. As with the other EVO models, we expected it to be left out over here but apparently a GSM version of the EVO 3D will be making its way onto the continent. HTC has managed to dominate the UK sales charts in recent months and the 3D handset is sure to bolster the company's position. The iPhone 4 meanwhile dropped a few places last month in the sales charts but March's figures see the iPhone pick itself back up to 3rd position, behind the HTC Desire and Desire HD.

Apple's newest store is set to open in Jerusalem. Apple's newest flagship store will contain within its walls the first Apple digital library - presumably a location for the public to access e-books. Apple's reasons for building in Jerusalem were said to be "symbolic", perhaps they're hoping for an annual pilgrimage to the store by the Apple faithful. Apple's latest cult-hit, the iPad 2 has already been cracked by developers. The iPad 2 jailbreak is available through the PwnageTool, allowing users to customise their tablet and access the Cydia Appstore.