News@8pm: Apple iPad 3 release date and HP TouchPad

Plus: INQ Facebook phone official and Apple TV games

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Future Apple products have reared their hands today with the iPad rumours skipping a generation as the Apple iPad 3 release date in pegged for September despite iPad 2 having yet to be formally announced. In other Apple news Apple TV is reportedly tipped to get Apple TV games after a section of iOS 4.3 beta code revealed future compatibility.


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INQ Facebook phones have officially arrived with the INQ Cloud Touch and INQ Cloud Q landing in the realms of reality with a Facebook-centric skin running over Google's Android 2.2 OS, FroYo. Elsewhere on the INQ front and the company's CEO has confirmed that an INQ tablet device is already in the works. For a video hands-on with the new INQ handsets check below.

Twitter sale imminent? Apparently so as Google and Facebook are reported to be in discusion with the micro-blogging site in a joint venture to buyout the company. Twitter also made the news today courtesy of former England rugby captain Will Carling who tracked his lost iPad through the social outlet.

HP devices unveiled as the computer company carries on from the Palm takeover to release the HP Pre 3 smartphone alongside the attempted iPad rivalling HP TouchPad.

INQ Facebook Phone review video

Source: INQ Facebook Phone video | Original: INQ Cloud Touch Video