News@8pm: Angry Birds Christmas and iPad price drop

Plus: Microsoft patent and Gran Turismo 5 sales

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Angry Birds rules according to T3 readers. The bird flinging uber-app took the honours in a straight shoot-out with Chillingo export, Cut the Rope, nudging over 70 per cent of the online vote. It also seems Christmas has come early to those of you generous enough to splash out 59p on Angry Birds' Halloween version. Those kind people at Rovio have offered a free download of the Christmas themed edition.


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Gran Turismo 5's release has given the PlayStation 3 a mighty nudge in sales as retailers hurtle towards Christmas according to David Wilson, Head of PR at Sony, who has said the game will help cement one of their "strongest years" in history. As if to prove Sony's bold assertion, the newly released Gran Turismo 5 has raced ahead and knocked Call of Duty: Black Ops off its pedestal as the UK's most popular game. However, after a series of technical glitches in its first week, the game could only boast sixth position in the all-time list of PS3 launches.

Microsoft has patented technology to allow Braille-capable touchscreens. Although details are still unclear, it is thought the technology will be aimed at larger smartphone devices, with Braille eReaders another possibility. In more patent fun, it's been revealed that PSP2 has plans to bring touchscreen tech to their much-hyped console. Pinch to zoom and a snazzy trackpad which can handle touchscreen swipes have been mooted.

Orange has unveiled its iPad contract prices. For starters, the 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G model has had a whopping £330 taken off its RRP. The catch is you're tied into a two-year contract, so you'll pay £30 more over time. So what happens when iPad 2 emerges? A prospective iPad contender has just hit the shelves in Japan. Sharp's Galapagos tablet comes in two versions, the 5.5-inch Mobile and 10.8- inch Home. There's no word on when they will hit Blighty but pricing is said to be very competitive.