News@8: iPod Touch now shipping and Google TV

Plus: Android Honeycomb and Nike + for iPhone 4

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

Android Honeycomb confirmed: Samsung's President JK Shin has confirmed that Android Honeycomb would be featuring on the next Samsung tablet, helping to confirm not only the OS' existence but also how close it was to production. Elsewhere Android has been suffering teething problems after O2 has pulled the FroYo update for the HTC Desire after it encountered severe problems with users. This was then shadowed after complaints arose over the Dell Streak Android 2.1 update which also appears to be having teething problems.

Apple iPod Touch arriving sooner than first thought: Mac-focused website 9 to 5 Mac has confirmed that shipping has already started for the New iPod Touch, UK customers can expect to start seeing theirs around 15 September. Just in time for the arrival of your brand new iPod Touch is the new version of Nike + GPS app which uses GPS and disposes of the sensor previously needed to record your times, instead using tech built into the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Google TV could be coming 'soon': Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google Inc has confirmed that Google TV beta could well be appearing on Sony Televisions in the coming months. This comes after Samsung and Sony have both said they were looking at ways to incorperate Android into their latest sets. Joining its plans to take over the world is Google's rival service to iTunes which has been touted at a pre-Chrismas release.

Intelligent stamps for your phone: The Royal Mail has developed a series of 'Intelligent Stamps' which, when scanned by an iPhone or Android handset will unleash an array of exclusive content. The stamps have been created to try and encourage the 'youth of today' to start sending letters again and enjoy the process. Well whilst we love the idea of having something fun to accompany your potential phone bill, it might take some persuading.