New Seiko release may be the ultimate dive watch

The Seiko Prospex 1965 Revival Diver's 3-day 300m is packed with specs for the adventurer in you

The Seiko Prospex 1965 Revival Diver's 3-day 300m on a grey background
(Image credit: Seiko)

When it comes to the best watches on the market, we're all looking for something which is truly capable of going anywhere, and doing anything. These wrist-mounted companions must be able to stand up to anything life may throw at them, whether that's the riptide of the ocean, or just the perils of a pile of dishes.

For these tasks, many will turn to a dive watch. These have traditionally been some of the most capable, packing top resistance ratings into rugged shells for the ultimate in reliability.

Now, Seiko have released a new dive watch – and it just might be the best yet. Dubbed the Seiko Prospex 1965 Revival Diver’s 3-day 300m, this timepiece is inspired by older models from the legendary Japanese brand. Those were the first dive watches in Japan, and went with explorers tackling everything from Mount Everest to the North and South Poles.

These modern interpretations have a host of useful features for today's watch enthusiast. For starters, you'll find 72 hours of power reserve tucked into that case. That's more than enough for most people, allowing you to leave your watch for three full days and still find it ticking away.

It's also water resistant to 300m, which is perfect for most users. In fact, that's more than enough for most, with full ISO diving credentials to boot. Jacques Cousteau could have worn this without fear of it breaking a sweat. Pair that with a Lumibrite coating on the hands and indices and it's pretty clear that this model dreams of being worn by a professional diver.

You'll find it in three different colours – Scuba Blue, Cove Black and 100th Anniversary Tide Grey Special Edition – with prices ranging from £1,200 to £1,380. That's going to be incredibly popular. 

A dive watch with great specs and a historic brand name all for less than £1,500? If you want to get one of these, I'd advise getting in quick.

Sam Cross
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