New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip / Bloom designs show off the folding phone in action

The designs for the Samsung Galaxy Bloom folding phone display a triple-camera system

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
(Image credit: TechConfigurations)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, otherwise known as Samsung Galaxy Bloom, is the Korean smartphone company's follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. As a clamshell due to hit shelves in 2020, it's also a direct rival to the headline-grabbing Motorola Razr

However, whereas the Razr relies on its nostalgic design, with a thick bezel chin and retro aesthetics, all reports claim Samsung is going in a different, more modern direction with its Galaxy Z Flip. Hot on the heels of a few low-res photos of the prototype phone in the wild, a new digital render shows off a potential final design, in two different colourways than we've seen so far. 

Render artist TechConfigurations has put together a new video based on the series of leaks, rumours and photos we've heard so far. They have also include a list of purported specs, including camera details and a small secondary display. Check out the full video below:  

Having only seen the leaked in-development black model (below), the phone looks fantastic in both sky-blue and red colourways. Rather than keep the retro design of an older flip-phone, the Galaxy Z Flip has adopted a traditional smartphone design that simply folds in on itself wallet-fashion. It's pretty, although the end result does look a little like a GameBoy Advance SP. 

The dual camera at the front, which TechConfigurations has listed as packing 16MP and 12MP sensors, are joined by a small back display showing the time, date, battery life and notifications. Rather than centring the back display like the Razr, the Z-Flip design has minimised it, placing it in the right-hand corner of the closed rear of the phone. 

A Samsung Galaxy Note 10-style punch-hole selfie camera, said to pack a 10MP camera, completes the triple-camera setup. Completely unfolded (referred to as "media mode") the 6.7" AMOLED face of the phone is sporting an under-screen fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Bloom

Leaked images of (allegedly) the Samsung Galaxy Bloom/Z Flip in real life. 

(Image credit: Weibo)

The phone is said to be using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, a processor that's a marked improvement on the mediocre Snapdragon 710 the Razr is sporting. However, given that folding phones are still in their infancy, using premium parts at this stage is likely to drive up the initial cost of the phone by a considerable margin.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip manage to pack specs on par with current-gen phones while maintaining an affordable price point? Stranger things have happened. Either way, it won't be long until we find out, as Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, where the phone is due to be unveiled, is just a few weeks away. 

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