New OnePlus TV is going to be thinner than the OnePlus 8 😲

OnePlus TV is about to get crazily thin

OnePlus TV OnePlus 8
The OnePlus TV is going to be just 6.9mm thick
(Image credit: OnePlus)

TVs have been getting thinner and thinner for generations, but the next OnePlus TV sets are going to set a new benchmark for the company. They’re going to be even thinner than the OnePlus 8 smartphone.

It’s not that the OnePlus 8 was a particularly beefy handset, either: it’s 8mm thick – pretty standard width for a smartphone. Rather, the OnePlus TVs are just going to be super thin – 6.9mm thick at its thinnest point, according to CEO Pete Lau.

Lau made the revelation in a wide-reaching interview with Android Central, and while thin frames aren’t exactly new for top-end TVs, the company’s latest range of TVs is set to start at under ₹20,000 – around $265 at today’s rates. Premium devices at an entry-level price point is a big deal, but clearly something OnePlus is thinking a lot about.

“Our bezel-less design with a 95% screen to body ratio, which is common in high-range TVs but is a stand out feature in the premium affordable segment,” Lau said.”

But it’s also about innovation, and OnePlus has an interesting sounding trick up its sleeve – though we’ll definitely have to hear it before we can quite believe it.  Apparently the speakers are rotated by 90 degrees which gives the company room for two large full-range speakers. This, Lau claims, will deliver 50% deeper bass. We’d be surprised if that negated the need for a soundbar our other surround sound system, but it seems promising all the same, especially for those on a budget who may have to buy their AV setup in a piecemeal fashion.

You might not have heard of OnePlus’ movements in the TV space before. That’s likely because so far they’ve only been available in India and China, but the company has made no secret that it plans to launch in Europe and America eventually. Whether that’ll be with this generation, or if we have something even thinner to look forward to at a later date, remains to be seen.