New Nothing Phone (2) update suddenly arrives

We just got an official update on the Nothing Phone (2)'s screen size, among other new features

Nothing Phone 1 review
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

With the Nothing Phone (2) now having an official launch date in July this year, the information about the handset is coming thick and fast. Among the Nothing Phone (2) rumours, however, there are also nuggets of official information. 

In an email direct from Nothing discussing the new phone's sustainability credentials, I spotted mention that the forthcoming handset will feature a display that's larger than its predecessor. A full 0.15-inches larger, states the text, confirming it'll feature a 6.7-inch panel. 

That larger screen also means a larger size, including a more capacious battery, which is up 200mAh to a total 4700mAh. That should help mitigate an issue I had with the Nothing Phone (1): so-so battery life. Hurrah.

Nothing Phone 1 review

Pictured: Nothing Phone (1)

(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

There's plenty more we don't yet know about the Nothing Phone (2), of course, but that hasn't stopped the T3 team discussing it a whole lot (indeed, my colleague has written about (3) Nothing Phone (2) features he'd like to see). And as the first handset from Nothing to arrive in the USA, it's going to be a big deal.

The other big deal that made the first Nothing Phone so distinctive was, but of course, its 'Glyph' lighting system: various lights on the rear that illuminate in different sequences for different purposes. That feature, I'm sure, will remain a key differentiator for Nothing Phone (2) – and with more physical real-estate to play with, I'm sure it'll be even more dramatic second time around.

Over the coming weeks I think we'll see lots of information drip-fed from Nothing directly. Its sustainability claims – 8.6% lower than the original device (here's the official Twitter thread) – is a good starting point, but there's a lot more than needs to be elevated to make Nothing Phone (2) one of the best phones of 2023. The price being one of them, given how affordable the Nothing Phone (1) is, as you can see in the shopping widget below...

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