New iPhone leak says the iPhone 16 Plus will get fun new colours

The bigger version of Apple's iPhone 16 is tipped to get two new colours and may refresh the existing ones too

Macrumors iPhone 16 render
(Image credit: Macrumors)

The iPhone 15 comes in a decent selection of colours, but a new report says that for the iPhone 16 range the selection is going to be wider – at least for the iPhone 16 Plus, the larger version of Apple's best-selling iPhone.

That's according to Weibo leaker Fixed Focus Digital, as reported by MacRumors, and between this leak and previous leaks such as the photos of dummy iPhone 16 units we previously reported we're starting to get a really good picture of what Apple's 2024 iPhone is going to look like. 

As ever we're talking evolution rather than revolution – my dream of a folding iPhone remains just that for the foreseeable future – but it's always nice to get some new options with a new iPhone generation. 

So what can we expect this time around?

What colours will the iPhone 16 Plus come in?

According to the leaker, there will be two new colours for the 2024 iPhone 16 Plus: white, which harks back to the iPhone 4, and purple, which was a fun option on the iPhone 14. It's unclear at the moment whether the purple option will be the same shade, or if it'll be darker; my money's on the former as a darker purple will be perhaps a little too close to the violet of the Samsung Galaxy S24. It's also unclear whether these new colours are just for the Plus, or if they'll be for the standard iPhone 16 too.

One of the most tantalising bits of the new leak is the suggestion that the other colours we've already got – blue, pink, yellow, green and black – may be "recast in a new finish" that'll differentiate them from the current models.

As for the Pro models, don't expect a riot of citrus colours this year or any other year: as ever Apple is expected to go for more sober options for the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. MacRumors reports that black titanium will be replaced with a similar finish to the Space Black of the iPhone 14 Pro and that the current blue option may be replaced with a rose hue. The current titanium option is returning with more of a grey tone, white titanium is coming back in a slightly more silvery option.

The iPhone 16 is expected to be launched in the Autumn but you can expect images of all the colours to leak well before then.

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