New Huawei P40 images show off Samsung Galaxy S20 challenger

These Huawei P40 renders show a triple rear and dual front camera setup to take on the Samsung Galaxy S11

Huawei P40
(Image credit: 91Mobiles)

Huawei P40 is due to be announced in March this year. The Chinese company's next range of flagship phones (the Huawei P40 Lite and the higher-powered Huawei P40 Pro) are set to directly compete against the Samsung Galaxy S11 (or S20) range in a battle to see who'll wear the Android crown. 

We've heard plenty about the new range of Samsung Galaxies, but comparatively, very little has been revealed around the Huawei devices (other than the P40 Lite, which is all but confirmed to be a rebranded Huawei Nova 6 SE). However, an insider has created a series of renders based on leaked information, which gives us a visual representation of how the phone is likely to look. 

As the previous renders were very dark, leakers 91Mobiles have tried again with the images above. The new phone is shown to contain a similar rectangular module to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus' rumoured camera setup

However, the P40 contains one less camera here, showing what is said by outlet GSMArena to be a time-of-flight sensor, main and ultra-wide camera lens. Perhaps the P40 Pro, the range's top-end model, will be sporting the additional camera to rival the S20 Plus. 

The selfie setup is also different, with the Huawei P40 sporting dual punch holes in the front of the camera on a 6.1" screen. Huawei seems to have adopted this design in part from the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which also packed two separate selfie cameras, one with a 10MP sensor and one with an 8MP depth-specific sensor. 

There's no annotation to describe what kind of specs the Huawei cameras will have, nor does 91Mobiles reveal the information that lead them to include a second camera in this render. There's also no word (yet) on whether the standard P40 will come with 5G capabilities. 

Huawei P40

The camera systems in close-up

(Image credit: 91Mobiles)

The phone seems to have abandoned the headphone jack, staying in line with competitors like Apple and Samsung – which also seems to have ditched the jack for its upcoming flagship range. 

With all the signs pointing towards the end for headphone-jacked mobiles, it's something we'll be mourning, as wired headphones are often superior to their Bluetooth counterparts. 

Will this render prove accurate? They certainly look plausible, based on everything we've heard so far, but "plausible" and "accurate" aren't exactly equivalents. Expect more concrete details in the run-up to the March announcement.

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