New Google Pixel Watch details have leaked and I'm very excited

It could be here next year!

A concept showing the long-rumored Pixel Watch
(Image credit: James Tsai)

Okay, in the past I haven't been the biggest believer that Google will release a Pixel Watch, but it looks like Google is finally making its own smartwatch and it could arrive as soon as 2022. 

Of course, Google has been making its own Pixel-branded smartphones and earbuds for years, but despite constant rumours and leaks the company has never designed its own smartwatch.

That's despite the fact that Google has had its own smartwatch operating system, Wear OS, since 2014. It's never had an answer to the best smartwatches from Apple and Samsung.

According to a new report from Insider, the watch, codenamed “Rohan”, is being worked on by Google’s Pixel hardware group. It will serve a similar role to the Pixel phones – acting as an example of what Google’s software is truly capable of when given the right hardware.

The device is expected to directly compete with the Apple Watch, according to The Verge’s source.

The watch will have basic fitness tracking features, and it's not yet clear whether Google will actually be calling it a “Pixel Watch”.

This is just the latest update in Google's Pixel Watch saga, with rumours of the device first appearing in May 2018. The latest news of this smartwatch isn't exactly a surprise, however, with Rick Osterloh, SVP of Devices and Services at Google, telling The Verge that "an in-house Wear OS wearable was already on the horizon".

Do you think we'll see a Google Pixel Watch soon? Or is it just vaporware? If it does ever get released, will it be able to compete with the best Apple Watch? Only time will tell…

Spencer Hart
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