New Disney Plus TV series bags perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes

Reviewers are so impressed with season 2 of Disney Plus' Only Murders in the Building they've ran out of superlatives

Disney Plus TV show Only Murders In The Building
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TV reviews are typically hard to impress: what you and I might consider to be excellent entertainment may struggle to get even a reasonable star rating. So when the scores are 90% and up, it's worth paying attention – and when they're a combined 100%, it's time to cancel your plans and start watching. That's the incredible Rotten Tomatoes review score for Only Murders In The Building season 2, which will be streaming on Disney+ from this week.

The first season is already there. It follows three strangers who share an obsession with true crime and suddenly find themselves wrapped up in one as they investigate the mysterious death of a neighbour in their New York City apartment building. Season 1 has a 100% critic score from 103 reviews and it seems that Season 2 is just as good.

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Only Murders in the Building S2: what the critics are saying

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, Brad Newsome says it's "marvellous"; Rolling Stone's Alan Sepinwall agrees, although he has mixed thoughts: "It’s still tremendously entertaining and likable, and in some ways even better than the first in how it digs deep into characters who could so easily be cartoons. But the comedy feels a bit softer, or perhaps just more familiar."

Many of the reviews say that one of the reasons the second season is so enjoyable is because the characters were so well established in the first season, so this isn't one to come to cold if you haven't already seen S1. But if you already know and love the characters, S2 is more rounded and benefits from the superb rapport between the stellar cast, which includes Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez and Amy Ryan.

The review that struck me most was by Anne Brodie at What She Said. "Only Murders in the Building just keeps getting better," she writes. "It may be the smartest, most satisfying 'sitcom' since Seinfeld." As recommendations go, you can't get much better than that.

Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building will be available to stream from Tuesday 28th June on Disney+ and in the US, on Hulu.

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