New Apple Watch updates will turn your wearable into a cycling computer

WatchOS 10 updates will be big for cyclists

Apple WWDC 2023 live keynote event
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WWDC 2023 is well underway, but we had to wait until now for the exciting WatchOS 10 updates. Luckily, the floodgates have been opened, and from all the many amazing Apple Watch updates coming to an Apple wearable near you, we are most excited about one that quite literally turns your Apple Watch into a cycling computer.

The last WatchOS 9 update was a huge update for runners and practically turned the Apple Watch Series 8 into a full-fledged running watch, and it seems Apple decided to turn their attention to riders. The latest WatchOS 10 update, expected to roll out gradually later this year, will allow compatible Apple Watches to connect to cadence and power sensors, so you can finally log indoor and outdoor workouts like a pro.

Apple WWDC 2023 live keynote event

(Image credit: Apple)

Much like how the previous Apple Watch update added running-specific data screens to the running app, the WatchOS 10 will expand the Cycling app's capabilities by providing FTP and power zone estimation for cyclists. But wait, there is more!

You can also add your iPhone to the mix so that it can function as an external screen during your training session, much like how cycling training apps these days phones. Plus, Apple says they will also roll out Training Peaks integration, which we're sure will excite many pedal pushers out there.

There are tons more updates coming as part of the WatchOS 10 update, such as an almost completely overhauled user interface that emphasises the digital crown, two new watch faces, Smart Stack watch face widgets, and some thrilling updates for hikers. Follow our WWDC 2023 live blog for more info, and check out the best Apple Watches for more info on these ever-so-capable wearables.

The developer beta of watchOS 10 is available to Apple Developer Program members starting today. A public beta will be available to watchOS users next month. WatchOS 10 will be available this fall as a free software update for Apple Watch Series 4 or later paired with iPhone Xs or later, running iOS 17.

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