New 12.5-in iPad coming early 2015?

New reports tease a supersize Apple slate for next year

Looks like the iPhone 6 isn't the only Apple gear getting a form factor facelift...

Apple's readying its supply chains to produce the firm's largest ever tablet, with the supersize slate tipped to measure a broad 12.9-in.

The firm's current tablet line-up offers two size variants, namely a 9.7-in model and the 7.9-in iPad Mini.

"The Cupertino, California-based company has been working with suppliers for at least a year to develop a new range of larger touch-screen devices," reads the Bloomberg report.

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iPad sales have been on a downwards slope for the last two quarters, with critics slamming the range as stagnant due to a lack of new models.

It's believed Apple's CEO Tim Cook is looking to 'shake up' the iPad line and boost sale, with a bumped-up iPad release slated for early 2015.

The current iPad range will also be upgraded, with higher spec'd tablets in the works based on existing models.

"Apple's suppliers recently started manufacturing an updated 9.7-in screen iPad, and were also set to enter production of a new version of the iPad mini," reckons Bloomberg.

It's believed that these updated models will launch later this year, just in time for the Christmas splurge season.

The new iPads, sans the 12.9-in model, are expected to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 6 and rumoured iWatch wearable device next month.

Source Bloomberg