Mystery Google device spotted – could it be a new Nest Thermostat?

A new Google device filling has been spotted and we think we know what it is…

Google Nest Thermostat updates
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A new Google ‘wireless device’ has been spotted and filed through the FCC.

While details are scarce, the report labels show the device will have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 60GHz RF support, leading many to believe a new Nest Thermostat is on the way.

A new Google device has been passed through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and we have a sneaking suspicion that it could be a new Nest Thermostat. The filing was passed through the FCC last week, and while the report leaves a lot to be desired, many are speculating that it could be a new thermostat, smart speaker or display – here’s what we know so far.

The FCC filing doesn’t give very much information but the mystery Google ‘wireless device’ is labelled under GJQ8U and is stated to feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 60GHz RF radio support. While that really doesn’t give us much to go on, as most if not all smart devices use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it’s the RF support that’s raised questions.

The 60GHz RF support is relatively similar to the Soli radar that’s used in the latest best smart thermostat from Google, the Nest Thermostat. Launched by Google in 2015, Soli is a sensor that uses radar electromagnetic waves to detect movements and gestures. For the Nest Thermostat, Soli is used by the device to understand when users are approaching it so it can turn on its display for better visibility and controls.

While Soli is present in many Google devices, the FCC filing doesn’t have any further information regarding sensors, which has led many to believe that the mystery device is more likely to be a thermostat rather than a speaker or display. The reason for this is that displays and speakers need different sensors and documentation which aren’t included in the filing.

Google Nest Thermostat

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Google’s latest Nest thermostat was released in 2020, and while it’s only increased in popularity, it could be time for Google to unveil a new addition to its smart home range. The past few years, Google has mainly been focused on its Pixel phones and smartwatches, so this potential upcoming device will definitely appeal to smart home fans, especially those who have a Google Home-centric system.

As of now, we’ll have to wait and see what the new mystery Google device will be. With the little information we have, it’s hard to predict when we’ll find out more, but based on Google’s I/O event in May, it looks like this year will be focused on Gemini and Android updates more than anything.

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