More features are coming to Apple devices alongside iOS 17

Apple's services are getting an upgrade for iOS 17, iPadOS17, Watch OS10 and Mac OS Sonoma

Apple WWDC 2023 live keynote event
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There are more details about some of the updates to Apple services that are coming with the launch of iOS 17 for the iPhone and the respective updates for iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac. While some of these were mentioned among the fire hose of info that formed the WWDC keynote, some are new. 

While not directly part of the OS, these services form part of most people's routine when using their devices, and so will be a welcome upgrade. These include Apple Maps, Podcasts and Apple Music. 

While this year's announcement spent a lot of time on the new Apple Vision headset and new Mac devices, there were still plenty of updates to the operating systems that will launch later this year alongside a potential iPhone 15

Apple Maps gets EV charging data

One of the biggest changes that wasn't mentioned at WWDC was that real-time EV charging station information is coming to Apple Maps. This will be filterable by network, charger type and more and will really help electric car drivers – and tempt them back from the OEM mapping in their vehicles that already offer this. 

Maps is also getting the ability to work offline, still allowing turn-by-turn navigation without signal. In the US, park trails are being added to Maps as well, providing detailed information on each route. 

Apple Music becomes easier to share and sing along with

It got a brief mention at WWDC, but the new SharePlay function allows multiple users in a car to control what music is playing from their devices. The system works with CarPlay and will let all passengers choose the songs. 

Song Credits in Apple Music will provide more details on the tracks to explore with data on the musicians and instruments behind the tunes. While for those wannabe stars, Apple Music Sing will work with Continuity Camera to put you on screen while you sing along to the lyrics, with a range of filters to make you look the part. 

Daily puzzles on Apple News+

If you like to start the day with a crossword, Apple has teamed up with The Puzzle Society to bring daily crosswords and mini crosswords to Apple News+ subscribers. 

Apple Podcasts dive deeper

An all-new 'now playing' screen will grace Apple Podcasts, with dynamic backgrounds and enhanced controls. There's new episode art to give more info about the shows or episodes, while Apple News+ subscribers can bring their audio stories into the Podcasts app too. The same is true for subscribers of apps like Calm, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. 

Check ID with Apple Wallet and repeat payment with Apple Cash

The process of being able to authenticate IDs will be possible using Apple Wallet, iPhone to iPhone. When an ID is presented on Apple Wallet, the business owner can hold their phone up to it to authenticate it instantly. Great for small businesses checking age or other details, though presumably this will be limited to US driving licences for now. 

Those wanting to make regular payments will be able to do it through Apple Cash soon. The service will allow weekly, bi-weekly and monthly options for payments between friends or even paying your rent. You can also set an auto top-up for your Apple Cash balance. 

All of these service updates are expected to be available in the upcoming Beta versions of iOS 17 soon. 

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