Microsoft has created a floating Xbox controller for Dune 2

Forget the popcorn bucket

Dune Part Two Xbox controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

If you've been looking forward to Dune 2 as much as we have, you've probably heard a lot of the chatter around a certain popcorn bucket and what it resembles (we couldn't possibly say). But now Microsoft has created the definitive piece of merch for fans of the franchise. A floating Xbox controller. 

No, it's not filled with helium, instead, it sits on a unique stand that 'floats' aloft from what we can only guess is a series of magnets. Regardless, the end result is very impressive. We would definitely buy one, but sadly they are rarer than spice on Arraksis. 

The only way to nab one is to win a competition run by Microsoft (rules available here). Good luck, because as Timothee Chalamet and Austin Butler explain in the video below, the prize also includes a very snazzy-looking orange Xbox and a stand for the console that resembles the franchise's iconic Ornithopter. There's bound to be some stiff competition for such a thing of beauty. You'll need to enter by March 25th, so get your skates on. 

If you're after some more Dune-flavoured content, you're in luck. Microsoft Flight Simulator has now added new DLC including the Royal Atreides Ornithopter a host of time trials and even a rescue mission where pilots must escape from a huge sandstorm. 

Those of us not lucky enough to win the custom console and controller should head to the Microsoft Center in London from February 16th, where there will be two Royal Atreides Ornithopter gaming simulators with New York's Microsoft Center getting a similar experience from February 26th. Good timing too as Dune: Part 2 launches on the 1st of March. 

Until then, Netflix has recently added the first movie in the series and it's worth checking out or re-watching for sure. 

Andy Sansom
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