New Amazon streaming service coming that could worry Netflix and Disney+

If you're wondering where your Lionsgate+ shows and movies have gone...

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Amazon will soon launch its MGM+ streaming service in the UK.

It'll offer a whole load of TV shows and movies from Lionsgate and Starz, which has been negotiated after the closure of Lionsgate+ in the country.

With Lionsgate+ closing in the UK on 29 February, subscribers rightly expressed concern over the fate of the TV series they had been watching – who would pick up the vault of Starz and Lionsgate shows they'd had access to? And which streaming service could continue seasons that were left in limbo?

The answer comes from Amazon. The retail and tech giant has announced that one of its off-shoot streaming platforms, MGM+, is launching in the UK later this month. And it'll be bolstered by a influx of new content thanks to a newly-signed partnership with Lionsgate.

It includes classic series such as Outlander, plus other shows previously exclusive to Lionsgate+, including Power Book I-IV, BMF, The Serpent Queen, P-Valley, and Hightown.

The streaming service will also host a range of classic movies, such as Reservoir Dogs, Saw and American Psycho, and legacy shows, like Mad Men, Nashville and Weeds.

Already established in the States, MGM+ isn't currently on many UK viewers' radars, but it'll soon be part of Amazon's streaming portfolio alongside Prime Video and Freevee.

"The expansion of MGM+ in the United Kingdom further cements Amazon’s commitment to invest in and grow the MGM+ channel internationally, while enhancing the content offering available to subscribers," said the global general manager of the service, Josh McIvor.

"The addition of premium first-run TV franchises such as Outlander and Power, along with many blockbuster hit movies, will allow MGM+ to continue its evolution as a premium international streaming service," added the head of MGM+ International, Michael Katzer.

What is MGM+ and how can you get it?

In the UK, MGM+ will be available through the Amazon Prime Video app for multiple devices, including Amazon's own Fire TV Sticks, as an add-on channel.

From May 2024, it will replace the existing MGM service that's currently available for £4.49 per month, with a 7-day free trial period. Lionsgate+ subscribers who joined through Prime Video will be able to access the MGM channel this month (April) in preparation.

The US version of MGM+ is also available as a standalone app and priced at $6.99 per month. From what we've heard so far, there are currently no plans to offer the UK equivalent outside of Prime Video.

MGM+ is now available in 31 countries worldwide.

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