Meet the ultimate smart home upgrades in the new issue of T3 magazine!

Find out how they can save you time, effort and money

The latest issue of T3 magazine is out now, and it's all about the smart home upgrades that make a real difference – the products that will save you time, hassle and money. This is the practical stuff, from taking the effort out of cleaning or cooking, to heating your house more efficiently and saving up to 75% on your electricity bill. 

And there’s loads more of course, including the complete guide to dash cams, which shows you what features to look for in this essential winter buy, as well as our suggested models. We also put the best giant phones head to head in a giant review – it’s iPhone XS Max vs Huawei Mate 20 vs Samsung Note9.

Plus, how to make your own (good) booze, the best noise-cancelling headphones ever, we give waterproof tech a dunking, our review of the new iPad Pro, and loads more!

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