Martin Lewis reveals his Amazon Prime Day predictions and tips

Money Saving Expert founder reveals likely savings but warns, 'shop around'

Martin Lewis Amazon Prime Day deals
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Martin Lewis knows his deals, and the Money Saving Expert founder's latest email newsletter reveals his thinking on the best Prime Day deals to look out for this week. He reckons they could include PlayStation and Xbox deals, which is good news for gamers. And there's also great news for lovers of carbonated beverages, straight hair and suitcases your kids can ride on!

Amazon Prime Day starts on Tuesday October 13 and ends on Wednesday October 14. Yes we know that is actually two days, deal with it. You can expect deals on everything from Philips shavers to Oral-B electric toothbrushes to Le Creuset cookware. Although you need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of this Amazon sale frenzy, that is easily dealt with since you can get a free Amazon Prime membership for a month with a flick of your browser finger.

Using all his money saving expertise, Martin Lewis has this to say about Amazon Prime Day: "Brands we've seen in past years that are likely to be included again are GHD, Trunki, SodaStream, Breville, PlayStation and Xbox."

Martin adds that the dest deals of all are likely to be on Amazon's own devices. This may not be the most amazing insight as there has already been one big Amazon Device sale, and there are a number of them on sale today. 

Browse the device sale on Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

Browse Amazon device deals at Amazon USA (opens in new tab)

However, you may be well advised to wait. As Martin says, Amazon products such as Echo speakers, Kindles and Fire tablets have gone as low as half price in past years. When Prime Day arrives properly, you can expect to find savings on everything from Fire tablets to Echo smart speakers to Blink security cameras. 

Martin sensibly suggests shopping around – even though Amazon's blend of low prices and free, fast delivery with Amazon Prime is hard to resist. T3 can help you out there, as our price comparison widgets will show the lowest price on the most popular items. We'll also bring you all the best deals from other retailers trying to grab a bit of Prime Day sales action for themselves. 

More sales opportunities incoming

Martin Lewis Amazon Prime Day deals tips

Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi (3 pack) (opens in new tab)

Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi (3 pack) | was £249.99 | now £149 | Save £100 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Today's best Amazon devices deal is on a triple pack of Wi-fi-enhancing Eero Mesh boxes. Just plug one into your router, then strategically position the others around your home to banish black spots. It's unlikely that anyone has a lower price on mesh Wi-Fi than this, right now. 

SodaStream Spirit | (opens in new tab)

SodaStream Spirit | Was £100 | Now £70 | Save £30 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Martin is quite right – there are always deals on SodaStream on Amazon Prime Day. They always sell really well too. If Tuesday seems too long to wait before 'getting busy with the fizzy', you can get £30 off this model today. It comes with a reusable, one-litre bottle and makes sparkling water, soft drinks and all sorts in seconds, with the touch of a button.

Amazon Prime Day alternative sales – UK

  •  (opens in new tab)– cheap Lego, toys, phones and more
  • (opens in new tab)  (opens in new tab)– huge sale on electrical appliances
  • (opens in new tab)  (opens in new tab)– clearance sale is live now
  • (opens in new tab)  (opens in new tab)– big savings on laptops and desktop PCs
  • (opens in new tab)  (opens in new tab)– knock-down prices and voucher codes
  • (opens in new tab)  – deals on electricals, fashion and home
  • (opens in new tab) – discounted sex toys and lingerie
  • (opens in new tab) – savings on watches and jewellery
  • John Lewis (opens in new tab) – great savings plus the John Lewis guarantee
  • Le Creuset (opens in new tab) – premium cookware gets tasty discounts
  • Nike (opens in new tab)  – new sneakers at sneaky low prices
  • ASOS (opens in new tab) – big savings on clothes
  • Schuh (opens in new tab) – save big on shoes, boots and trainers
  • The White Company (opens in new tab) – quality bedding at reduced prices
  • Simba (opens in new tab) – save big on mattresses and sleep bundles

Amazon Prime Day alternative sales – US

  • Best Buy (opens in new tab) – massive savings across every department
  • Walmart Big Save Event (opens in new tab) – discounts across video games, tech, smart home and more
  • (opens in new tab) – save big on notebooks, desktops, monitors and more
  • Target (opens in new tab) – Deal Days Sales Event plus select offers available ahead of the big sale
  • Lenovo (opens in new tab) – Semi-Annual Sale brings deep discounts to gaming laptops, student laptops and more
  • Microsoft (opens in new tab) – Surface and Xbox deals and Microsoft Store Exclusives
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