Loved Titanic? Shock sequel is lighting up Amazon Prime Video – fans aren't happy

Why does this exist?

Titanic 2
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Out of nowhere an unlikely (and unofficial) sequel to the classic film Titanic has appeared in Prime Videos top 10. But what is Titanic II

Of all the things Titanic needed, the last was probably a sequel. Spoilers for an over 100-year-old historical event, but it ended pretty conclusively. But if you look at the top 10 most popular movies on Amazon Prime Video (at the time of writing), that's exactly what you'll find. 

Cheekily dubbed Titanic II despite the lack of involvement from any of the original actors or James Cameron, this is a truly bizarre 2010 movie (that Prime Video has for some reason listed as a 2024 release). Amazon Prime Video has truly established itself as one of the best streaming services, but I guess there's no accounting for people's tastes. 

Here at T3, we like to bring you the latest on the very best shows and movies streaming, but this isn't one of them. Directed by and starring Shane Van Dyke (Dick's grandson), this is a sequel only in name, and fans have recognised that, awarding it a paltry 15% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But honestly, it might be worth a so bad it's good watch simply for the sheer audacity. You don't even need Prime Video either, it's available for free on YouTube

So what's the plot? Well, to mark the 100-year anniversary, a new cruise liner dubbed the Titanic II sets sail, this time in reverse (so from New York to Southampton). Tempting all of the fate in the world, the ship befalls a similar fate. Who would have guessed? More importantly, who are the poor fools who paid good money for what was always going to be a cursed voyage?

The film even has the cheek to have a similar self-sacrificing ending, although at least they stayed away from the obvious "Oh, there's actually room for two of us on this door."

I don't know how this movie has gotten into the top 10. If you want to watch something a bit brainless and cheesy, try the new Roadhouse remake on Prime instead, or wait for next week when Fallout looks set to blow us all away

Andy Sansom
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