Logitech's latest headset sounds like the ultimate gaming accessory

Switch platforms with Just the touch of a button

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If you're a gamer these days, chances are you spend your time across multiple platforms. Whether you're cheating on your PS5 with a bit of Xbox Series X or dabbling in PC gaming, we won't tell. You should however take notice of Logitech's newest gaming headset which will make your dishonesty super easy. 

The Logitech Astro A50X is the company's next flagship headset (and priced accordingly at $379.99) and it's safe to say that it has captured our attention. That's because it can connect to a PS5, Xbox Series X and PC all at once. 

The space-age looking base station features not one, but three HDMI 2.1 ports with three separate USB-C connections too. This allows you to at the touch of a button switch between game and chat sound on any of the three platforms. What's more, you can even switch video between Xbox and PlayStation using the same system. So you could be playing Starfield on Xbox one second and then Spiderman 2 on PS5 just one button later. That's some Star Trek level stuff. 

Logitech astro A50X

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That's not the only trick up the A50X's proverbial sleeves. With the original A50 launching in 2012, Logitech has had plenty of time to hone its performance and the specs on the A50X certainly reflect that. 

With Lightspeed Wireless connectivity, latency is a non-issue while sound quality should be tiptop with 40mm Pro G Graphene Drivers delivering 24-Bit/48Khz uncompressed audio. The broadcast quality mic is similarly crisp, delivering 16-Bit/48Khz audio. The accompanying 10-band Equalizer (part of Logitech's G-hub ecosystem) can even be customised to exclude or emphasise certain frequency ranges, which makes it even easier to hear enemy footsteps in a shooter for example. 

The only thing I can see holding this headset back from sitting at the top of the pile is the mediocre 24hr battery life and the fact that it doesn't feature any Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), instead opting for an open-back design. But for those who play on multiple platforms, you might need to get used to having this headset on, as it sounds essential for a certain group of gamers. 

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