LG’s new OLED TVs are getting a big Dolby Vision upgrade

If your TV has the Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor, it'll upgrade all your Dolby Vision content

LG C2 42-inch OLED TV on coloured background
(Image credit: LG)

If you needed any more convincing that LG is making some of the very best OLED TVs in 2022, every model with its new Alpha 9 Gen 5 chipset – the LG C2 and the LG G2 as well as LG's 4K and 8K QNED mini-LED TVs – takes Dolby Vision and gives it a big upgrade.

The upgrade is called Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Rendering and it delivers even better visuals than Dolby Vision – and LG's TVs with the Alpha 9 will deliver it on all Dolby Vision content, not just content made for the upgraded version.

Speaking to InsideCI, LG explained that the reason it's limited to the Alpha 9 Gen 5 chipset is down to power: all that image processing requires a heavy-duty processor that can handle the computation without affecting the performance.

LG and Dolby have the Vision thing

Dolby Vision IQ uses a light sensor to detect the light levels in your room, and it then uses that to process the Dolby Vision metadata in the content you're watching and adjust it accordingly – so if your room is very bright, it'll boost the brightness so you don't miss any important detail.

Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Rendering takes that technology and also builds on Dolby Vision Precision Detail, which is able to achieve higher contrast and detail levels than standard Dolby Vision. The combination means you should see much more detail in darker scenes.

The more I discover about the LG C2 and G2, the more impressed I am: the Alpha 9 Gen 5 delivers exceptional image quality and it's impressive on the audio front too thanks to LG's AI Sound Pro processing. The TV market is absolutely fascinating right now, especially in OLEDs where we're increasingly spoilt for choice, and LG is one of the most fascinating firms of all in its determination to keep pushing the envelope of TV tech.

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