LG TV deal sees 50-inch 4K HDR TV price drop to just £379

Grab a brilliant discount on the LG 50-inch 4K HDR TV in this early Black Friday deal

LG50UP75006LF 4K HDR TV deal, Black Friday deals
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With many brands and retailers kicking off their best Black Friday deals early, shoppers can already find incredibly low prices on popular products. TVs are always in high demand this time of year, and if you’re looking for a cheap TV deal, you’re in luck as we’ve just found a huge price drop on the LG50UP75006LF 4K HDR TV at Amazon.

In the early Amazon Black Friday sale, the LG50UP75006LF 4K HDR TV which was originally priced at £599 is now just £379, saving shoppers £220 on this premium 50-inch TV.

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Now under £400, the LG50UP75006LF 4K HDR TV is 37% off at Amazon, and there’s a lot to love about this deal. Not only are you getting a great 50-inch screen from one of the best TV manufacturers on the market, but the LG50UP75006LF 4K HDR TV is packed full of features, including smart controls and powerful picture quality.

The LG50UP75006LF 4K HDR TV allows you to experience lifelike quality and colours, with its 4K Ultra HD pictures and resolution, which is to be expected with the best LG TVs. Its AI sound immerses you in the action and you can easily connect compatible Bluetooth speakers for a better surround sound experience. This 50-inch LG TV runs on a webOS smart platform with access to Freeview Play, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and other streaming apps.

Overall, the LG50UP75006LF 4K HDR TV is a fantastic TV that casual viewers, serious streamers and expert gamers will love. While we’re big fans of this deal on the 50-inch version, multiple sizes of the LG50UP75006LF 4K HDR TV have been discounted at Amazon, including the 43-inch which is now £349 or the 55-inch TV which is just £429.

To view this early Black Friday deal on the LG50UP75006LF 4K HDR TV, click the link above or keep reading for more details.

LG50UP75006LF 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV: £599, £379 at Amazon

LG50UP75006LF 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV: £599, £379 at Amazon
Save £220 (37%) on the LG50UP75006LF 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV at Amazon. With the FIFA World Cup 2022 coming up and the festive season fast approaching, this is a brilliant TV to have in your home that delivers fantastic visuals, sound quality and smart features. Now under £400, this 50-inch LG TV is definitely worth taking advantage of this Black Friday.

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