Lego Sony PlayStation 5 is a fun solution to PS5 restock stress

I've found a fix for my PS5 restock woes, and it's made of Lego

Lego PS5
(Image credit: Rolling Bricks)

If monitoring the PS5 restock tracker is stressing you out, the geniuses at Rolling Bricks may have the solution: make your own out of Lego.

As Yanko Design reports, the plastic PS5 build has been submitted to Lego Ideas, and if it gets enough votes then Lego will release it as an actual Lego kit you can buy in the shops – but if you check out Rolling Bricks' YouTube tutorial, you can see how to do it yourself.

Of course, a Lego PS5 will be lacking a few PS5 features such as, well, all the electrical and electronic bits. But as any Lego builder knows, there's a real joy in seeing your creation appear – and a project like this is a great way to forget about the outside world for a while.

Build it and we will come

If you get the chance, check out Rolling Bricks' YouTube channel: from Christmas scenes to classic cars, if you can imagine it they can probably show you how to build it.

I have to admit I'm in awe of projects like this: my own Lego skills barely stretch to making a box, never mind replicating anything real. That's why I think the best Lego deals are so good: whether you're looking at the best Star Wars Lego sets or the best Lego Technic sets, someone else has done the designing for you. I'm always amazed by the sheer variety of Lego sets on offer: I've just discovered that you can even make Adidas Originals Superstar trainers, although I can't imagine they're very comfortable. That's a terrible joke, I know.

Carrie Marshall

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