Leaked Samsung Galaxy S23 videos are all over the internet today

Hands-on videos and live images of Samsung's best new phones are everywhere online

Samsung Galaxy S23 promotional photo
(Image credit: EVLeaks / Samsung)

With just hours to go before the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23, the hills are alive with the sound of music – and by "hills" I mean "internet", and by "sound of music" I mean "videos and Live Photos of the Samsung Galaxy S23 range including the Galaxy S23 Ultra".

Samsung is currently playing whack-a-mole with the leaks, which only helps confirm their authenticity – so for example leaker Dylan Xitton, who posted some S23 videos earlier, has had his initial content removed for copyright violation. Undeterred, Dylan has gone on to post more images. According to Xitton the phone, a Galaxy S23 Ultra, was via Chilean mobile phone provider Wom.

More leaks than a Welsh greengrocer

Despite Samsung's best efforts, a quick Twitter search uncovers lots of images from a lot of familiar names: Ice Universe has images of all three models in hand, and lots of posters are sharing marketing images and data sheets leaked from Samsung retail partners. 

There's nothing particularly strange or startling in the images, but they do confirm that Samsung's best phones for Galaxy fans are just as pretty in the flesh as they are in the carefully shot marketing photos. I'm pleased to see that the flagship colours are as subtle as they appeared to be in the marketing materials; I think all three versions of the phone look classy and understated, and I'm particularly taken by the Botanic Green of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The official launch is tomorrow (Feb 1), although in all honesty there's very little left for Samsung to announce other than the price and when these phones will ship. But it'll be interesting to see the demos of the new 200MP sensor in the Ultra, which is the most exciting feature of the S23 range, and maybe Samsung still has one or two surprises up its sleeve for tomorrow's event.

Carrie Marshall

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