Leaked Google Pixel 8a video reveals a whole suite of new features

Google's marketing video for the Pixel 8a phone has leaked, showing the key features of the new device

Still from leaked Google Pixel 8a promo video
(Image credit: 91mobiles)

Today's Google Pixel 8a leak is a big one: the official marketing video for the latest Google phone has been spotted in the wild, and while it's since been taken down by YouTube the takedown didn't happen quickly enough for it to escape detection by keen gadget watchers.

The video, as spotted by MySmartPrice, shows the key features that Google will be concentrating on to sell the phone: Best Take, Circle to Search, Live Translate and Audio Magic Eraser. And it also shows the device in some of the colours we've seen in recent leaks and renders: it shows the Pixel 8a in white, black and blue versions, but not the rather fetching green that we've also seen in leaked images.

What are the new Pixel 8a phone features?

The first feature you'll see in the promo video is Best Take, which enables you to deal with those awkward shots where everything's perfect but someone's face looks weird because they were moving, blinking or talking. This is something we've already seen on other Pixel and Samsung phones but it's still a great feature, enabling you to combine the best bits from multiple versions of the same shot.

Next up there's Circle To Search, which again is familiar to recent Pixel and Samsung buyers. It's a simple and effective search technique: long-press the Home button or the navigation and you can then circle anything on the screen to look it up online.

Google's next highlight is Live Translate, which as you've guessed is a live translation tool. And then we get to see Audio Magic Eraser in action, which is a clever tool that enables you to get rid of unwanted background noises in video clips and which, again, is present in Google Photos in recent flagship phones.

Although these are features we've seen before they're still useful and impressive, and the message here is that you're getting high-end smartphone features without having to pay for a high-end smartphone. That's something that ties in with the hardware too, which is expected to feature a 6.1-inch, 120Hz OLED, a Tensor G3 processor and a 64MP main camera.

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